Sisters are doin’ it for themselves

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Sisters are doin’ it for themselves

After years of compliments about their own homes and being asked to restyle friends’ homes, the sisters thought it high time to put their talents for style and design to the test, by opening the kind of shop they love to visit themselves.  They knew how difficult it was to source quality items locally, most of their own purchases having been made from specialist shops far and wide.

There now followed a period when the sisters started making plans and purchasing some of the more unusual items for the shop. This was also the time when it was decided that they would use their family name Minchin, with May being their grandmother’s name, hence Minchin and May.

After extensive research they decided that Woburn was the ideal location for the kind of shop they wanted to run.  After a couple of false starts the premises now occupied by Minchin and May became available in February 2014.  Meanwhile the sisters had not been idle and while both were holding down permanent jobs they were looking for and developing links with suppliers whose products met their standards for quality, style and value.

Keys to the shop finally became available in April – there then followed a period of intense activity transforming the shop ready for opening late May 2014 with the upstairs showroom opening early autumn.

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